An ambition that is emerging

For several years, Val d'Isère Téléphériqes has been implementing various actions in order to continue to develop its activity responsibly.

This ambition is reflected in several actions implemented such as the transition from shuttles to electric vehicles. By 2026, 100% of the Valbus fleet should be electric.

A fleet soon 100% electric

In December 2021, tests of an electric shuttle on the red train circuit had been done and they proved more than conclusive.

A year later, at the beginning of the
2022-2023 winter season, two new electric shuttles appeared on the same circuit of the Red Train.

In addition to the
much quieter driving, the power of the batteries of these shuttles allow Valbus drivers to turn on the circuit for a whole day and keep about 50% of the load even in periods of extreme cold.

After a winter season and a summer season running on the Red Train circuit, Val d'Isère Téléphériques has acquired
4 new electric shuttles.

You can find them on the Yellow Train circuit (from the roundabout of the slopes to Manchet), on the Blue Train (from the roundabout of the slopes to Club Med) and on the Red Train from December 2, 2023.

A more environmentally friendly fuel

Since December 2022, the entire fleet of shuttles running in the village of Val d'Isère has switched to a new fuel: the HVO.

This fuel, softer is made from waste and vegetable oils, the latter has allowed a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions.

All of the Valbus shuttles (excluding electric shuttles), but also all of the damage devices of the Régie des pistes and Val d'Isère Cableways (31 devices over the winter 2023-2024) have adopted this new fuel more environmentally friendly.

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