Master the Art of Turns on the Arcelle slope

Arcelle. Stretching over more than 2 kilometres, this run leads you into the Manchet valley, boasting stunning views over the Rocher du Charvet.

If you’re a carving fan, you’ll love its 691-metre vertical drop; great for perfecting your turns.

Arcelle is a wide run with plenty of opportunities to stop and soak up the views. You’re right on the edge of the Vanoise National Park, with the majestic Roche des Fours on your left. An unforgettable experience awaits you on this iconic run.

To get there, take the Solaise gondola lift (10-seater cabins with heated seats and free WiFi) from the snow front. Then follow the Pim Pam magic carpets until you get the Madeleine detachable chairlift. At the top, stop for a moment to take in the view (check out our article “Viewpoint at the top of the Madeleine chairlift”). Then, head down the top part of the green run, and branch off to Arcelle on the left before you get to the Manchet chairlift.

A few top tips: Experienced skiers might like to try the "Marmottons" black run the other side of the Manchet chairlift.