Lifts open

From July 1st to September 3rd

  • Olympique cablecar

    From August 21 to September 3rd : 9:45am-12pm and 12:30pm-4:45pm

    (last ride down at 4:45pm). 


  • Solaise gondola

    From July 1st to September 3rd : 9:45am-4:45pm

    (last ride up at 4:30pm and last ride down at 4:45pm)

Explore Val d'Isère area this summer

Find the most beautiful hikes in Val d'Isère on the app :

Solaise :

  • L'Arcelle: from Lac de l'Ouillette to Vallée du Manchet

  • Tour of Lac de l'Ouillette

  • Val d'Isère via le Plan

  • Solaise via l'Arolle Millénaire

  • Combe du Laisinant

Bellevarde :

  • The Vallée perdue

  • Le Village Perdu

  • Val d'Isère via La Spatule

  • Val d'Isère via la Banane

  • The Bellevarde summit orientation table

  • The Cairn loop

Also: Le Crêt via the Balcon trail, Le Fornet via the Balcon trail.