What is snowmaking all about?

Snowmaking is a process that combines air, water, and cold temperatures, with no other additives. The water is sent at high pressure through a network of underground pipes across the ski area. The water is blasted out into very cold air, where it transforms into snowflakes.

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Snow Workshop

The Snow Workshop Val d'Isère Téléphériques has developed its own automated system to manage the snowmakers, weather stations and pumps.
The first snowmaking facility opened in
1986 at La Daille, with a second one opening the following year at Solaise Legettaz.The most recent facility, which opened in 2014, is the «Face de Bellevarde» plant, just beneath the Olympique cable car.

All the technical aspects, from assembly to welding, as well as all the automation were carried out by Val d'Isère Téléphériques’ snow team.
Each year, we continue to invest in the latest snowmaking equipment. Additionally, we have moved the location of several snowmakers and modified certain runs to optimise water use.

During the winter season, about ten professionals and enthusiasts ensure the proper functioning of the entire snowmaking network of the ski area.

Some key figures

is necessary to cover a run
90-95% of the water
goes back to nature when the snow melts, and 5-10% by evaporation.
is the lenght of the underground artificial snow network.
of Val d'Isère’s ski area is equipped with snowmakers.
631 regards
for 61 mono-fluid canons and 570 bi-fluid canons..
is the number of machine room, with 9 separate facilities

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