Your guide to enjoying an incredible day’s skiing as a family

Unmissable spots on the ski area.

Take a look at our list of fun zones to visit and runs not to miss during your holiday!

Fun areas

In recent years, Val d’Isère’s ski area has invested in creating a variety of fun runs for children.

Village Perdu

Built in 2021 in conjunction with Val d’Isère’s ski area management company and the French National Forestry Office, Le Village Perdu nestles in the heart of La Daille’s Forêt des Étroits.

Made entirely from larch wood, this fun area can be accessed in winter by the Orange and Critérium runs.

Step out of your skis and discover Le Village Perdu as a family: stroll over hanging footbridges and admire the view from the eagle’s nest. Take a break in the relaxation areas and make the most of the deck chairs and swings whilst yourchildren explore the games in Le Village Perdu.

ValKids play area

Set at the arrival of the Solaise gondola lift, it couldn’t be easier to take your children to discover ValKids’s mountain professions, such as the snow factory where they can learn to make snow or try their hand at being a piste groomer.

Children will also love devouring the ValKids run, slaloming between the posts.. Take them to visit the ValKids gondola lift too, where they can have a go at the games created for them.

You can also head to Le Lounge at the Solaise gondola lift arrival area for a well-earned rest.

The new Gypaète fun run

This winter, set off in search of the bearded vulture (Gypaète) on the Bellevarde massif. Slalom alongside this majestic Alpine bird and have fun as a family exploring different modules, such as the bearded vulture tunnel and the giant xylophone.

The Gypaète fun run is located between the start of «La verte» run and the Borsat chairlift, where the "P'tit cross" used to be.

Discover our play areas in photos

Family-friendly runs

With 300km of runs to discover, here are a few of our family favourites.

Warm your legs up gently on Solaise

The Solaise sector is great for beginner skiers, with many blue runs and the ValKids fun area which is perfect for children, not forgetting Le Lounge where you can enjoy a coffee break in the sunshine. These are just a few runs not to miss on Solaise:

  • Madeleine, with its chill ski zone

  • Plan Milet, where you can indulge in a well-earned break at Datcha

  • Glaciers, and its stunning view over the ski area

  • Leissières, at the start of the sensational chairlift of the same name

  • Col, where you can embark on your first ‘straight down all the way’ of the season! 

Straight down Bellevarde

Thanks to its many different green runs, the Bellevarde sector is perfect for a day of family skiing at altitudes of more than 2,800 metres!

Unmissable runs on the Bellevarde sector:

  • Grand Pré, where you can relax on a deck chair and take a selfie in front of the

    Giant Letters


  • Borsat, which is perfect for those who love going full steam ahead straight to the bottom!

  • La verte, where you can head off in search of the bearded vulture.

  • Génépy, from where you can go straight all the way to Fontaine Froide.

Exploring Iseran

If you’re planning to ski as a family, Iseran is the perfect sector as it is slightly set apart from the rest of Val d’Isère’s ski area. You’ll find stunning scenery, as well as runs for all levels. Take a look at the runs we suggest you try when you get there:

  • Pyramides, to admire the remains of the Iseran pyramids

  • Vallon, to carve a few turns like a champion

  • Mangard, which is perfect for a gentle run through the forest

  • Montet, for a breath-taking experience at the top of the Pissaillas glacier

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