Fun areas for all


⬥ At the top of the Solaise gondola lift, explore mountain jobs as a family with ValKids play area, featuring child-sized equipment, including a fun run, a mini first aid post, a control panel, and a snow groomer.


⬥ At an altitude of 2000 meters, the older ones can explore 'Le Village Perdu,' navigating on footbridges and discovering wooden cabins surrounded by larch trees. 'Le Village Perdu' has been designed sustainably, in collaboration with the Office National des Forêts, without clearing or grading, using only Alpine larch as the material. Access is exclusively via skis, via the Diebold (blue) / Critérium (blue) or Orange (red) runs. The area is secured but not groomed and is therefore suitable for experienced skiers.


ValKids play areas