It's almost time to get back on the skis

It’s only a matter of days until our ski area reopens, and the snow has already given the summits a good dusting. So, before you come back to devour our 300kms of runs, we wanted to give you a little recap of what Val d’Isère Téléphériques got up to during the summer …

The preparations begin in the summer

So, what exactly is the detailed inspection that takes place?

It’s basically a compulsory safety inspection of our ski lifts. A new ski lift needs to be checked after 15 years, then every 10 years, then every 5 years. In 2023, 30 of the resort’s 42 ski lifts underwent this maintenance service, which includes changing cables, replacing sheave assemblies, checking pulleys… All of which is done by Val d’Isère Téléphériques, representing some 45,000 hours of work.

More than fifty team members work on the ski area maintenance in summer in positions that range from research and development to operating the ski lifts, ensuring fast, safe, and comfortable facilities.

Guaranteed snow from December to April!

Val d'Isère Téléphériques’ snow workshop

The Val d'Isère ski area can guarantee a generous layer of natural snow every winter thanks to its geographical location. Indeed, Val d'Isère benefits from the Return of East coming from the summits of Italy and brings us each year a sufficient snow.

In addition, 80% of our slopes are located above 2000 meters, which brings us a lot of natural snow from decemeber to april.

Thanks to the 631 snowmakers we have located across the whole ski area, we are able to produce extensive amounts of artificial snow.

Artificial snow combines air, water, and cold temperatures. This natural process consists of sending water at high pressure through a network of underground pipes across the ski area. The water is blasted out into very cold air, where it transforms into snowflakes.

From November, the snowmaking team keeps a close eye on the temperature, and when it gets below 0°C, they can begin to prepare the ski area. The snowmakers produce vast mounds of artificial snow, creating a base layer on certain runs, and ensuring quality snow conditions until the end of the winter.

The snow factory comprises 15 machine rooms, which you can visit on a behind the scenes tour of the Olympique cable car. See more information here: Behind the scenes of Val d'Isère Téléphériques

Spotlight on professions: Val d'Isère’s piste groomers

Next it’s time for the piste groomers to take over, with 19 piste grooming vehicles belonging to Val d'Isère’s ski area management company, and 12 to Val d'Isère Téléphériques, requiring more than thirty professional ski groomers across the entire ski area.

Their goal: To optimise the quality of the snow and the runs.Prior to the start of the winter season, they distribute the mounds of artificial snow created by the snowmakers to prepare an even base layer on the run. Then, when the season is underway, they criss-cross the slopes at nightfall to smooth the moguls and holes created by skiers. Finally, when we have fresh snowfall, they head to the slopes at dawn to groom the snow and ensure the safety of all.

New in the snow grooming team : Since the beginning of winter 2022, the sets of snow plows of the Régie des Pistes as well as those of Val d'Isère Téléphériques are powered only to the HVO, a milder fuel for the environment that saves about 90% of CO2.

See photos of the ski area preparations

Discover our ski area in the video below!

Discover our ski area in the video below

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